As a music educator, Joanna encourages creativity, confidence, a constructively critical musical ear, and a genuine love and enthusiasm for music from all of her students.

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"Joanna teaches with a commanding energy and sense of fun that is contagious. What sets Joanna apart from other skilled music teachers, is that she deeply respects the artistic voice of each one of her students. She sincerely listens to her students' ideas and perspectives and incorporates them into her classes, choreography, and song choices. This genuine mutual respect, rare in an authority figure, has won her a devoted following of students.

Our daughter, Kesariya, blossomed musically but more importantly, her confidence grew and she developed a dramatic flair for performance. Our little girl is very petite and appears shy at first, but she has a big voice and Joanna has taught her to own it. Our daughter has learned to sing with poise, conviction and sass! She is most fully herself when she is performing and singing from her heart. As parents, there is no better gift then seeing your child be their truest self and express joy. For this gift, we will be forever grateful to
- Mother of KESARIYA, age 8

“Joanna is the best teacher, she's super nice and fun.  She challenges you to try things that you think you can't do but, after you try them, you find out that you really can do them and that's a very good feeling.  Joanna is an excellent teacher, she helps make your songs better than amazing.  I really like working with her and I think you will too.” - QUINN, age 10

Joanna “has formed a genuine connection with my son that has made learning fun, while enabling her to gently push him to achieve his full potential.  It has been a joy to watch as Joanna has encouraged my son to tap into his own creativity and to experience music as a means of self-expression.  Joanna is a warm and engaging teacher with an infectious enthusiasm for music and I could not recommend her more highly.” - Mother of QUINN

"Some of my very first real vocal lessons, I learned about how to sing properly, dynamics, soloing, harmonies, and much more. Joanna pushed my ability, and I’m glad she did—without it, I wouldn’t know about the range I had, and how to use it to the very ends. She was one of the best and most helpful vocal teachers
I’ve ever had, since." - TEESA, age 14


"We met Joanna when she taught our daughter at a week long class in which the children wrote stories on Monday -- that night Joanna set them to music -- and over the next four days the children learned the songs, dialogue, and dance - and performed on Friday. I was impressed with the accomplishment and the creativity. My daughter, now many years later, says this was her favorite camp ever.

Later we asked Joanna to teach Ella piano. As someone who studied piano for many years, I am impressed with several qualities of Joanna's teaching. My daughter gained basic note recognition skills quickly. Joanna moved her quickly into issues of expression and performance, as well as music theory such as keys/ transposing. Joanna is intuitive and respectful towards my daughter but not indulgent. She has high expectations - which she clearly states. I think my daughter's primary motivation to practice is to please Joanna and to be able to learn more. I am grateful that Joanna has generated skill and an appreciation of music in my daughter."

- Mother of ELLA, age 12