Joanna Schubert is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, pianist, and music educator. She has a background in classical piano and theater, a slightly excessive love of atypical vocal harmonies, and a deep appreciation for songwriter goddesses like Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, and Regina Spektor. Joanna has ultimately created a style all her own, characterized by intricate piano arrangements, twisty-turvy melodies, story-driven lyrics, and a slight theatrical flair. Her self-titled EP was released in August 2018.


A little more background...

Joanna is half Schubadactyl, half cat. Occasionally human-identifying. Usually exuberant. On any given day, she can be found biking from one spot to the next, incessantly harmonizing with the world around her, playing local shows, teaching piano, voice, and songwriting lessons, accompanying choruses at the Special Music School, and freelance arranging/composing. She also plays keys & sings backup with Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands.

Joanna created and curates the Singer-Songwriter Series at Mirror in the Woods in Gowanus, Brooklyn, an intimate night of in-the-round song sharing, musical collaboration, and community featuring various female-identifying or non-binary singer-songwriters.

Joanna lives, creates, and teaches with boundless energy & humor and high artistic expectations.

She's also obsessed with her cat, Moose:

keyboard cat.JPG